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Jackson Zeitlin is a proud member of the Zeitlin family, Nashville native, and third generation Realtor. Having real estate, property development, and architecture running in his veins, Jackson has been touring open houses and building sites since before he could walk. Jackson joined the family business from a background in luxury hospitality after working with Renaissance Hotels in Dubai. He brings a creative skill set to buying and selling, and provides a uniquely tailored, experience-oriented approach to each of his clients. With experience selling everything from urban condos in Downtown Nashville to multimillion dollar custom homes in the suburbs, he services a broad spectrum of residential clients as well as the restaurant and entertainment spaces of commercial real estate. In 2021, he is excited to serve on three Greater Nashville Realtors committees that impact our industry and neighborhoods. If you're considering a move in Nashville, give Jackson a call.
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Jackson Zeitlin

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4301 Hillsboro Pike
Suite 100 Nashville, Tennessee 37215 United States

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