Bellevue: Nashville Real Estate Spotlight

Rebecca Francese 12/5/18

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Nashville is made up of wonderful neighborhoods with great characteristics no matter what you’re looking for. And one of those neighborhoods is Bellevue! This quieter suburb is located southwest of Nashville and it’s a perfect combination of lots of activities and a laid-back vibe. Read on to find out more about Bellevue!

Bellevue: Nashville Real Estate Spotlight

Drive 20 minutes out of downtown and you’ll find Bellevue. This area is a bit more affordable compared to other parts of Nashville. But a growing population has turned it into a hotter market where homes are selling as soon as they hit the market.

Here you’ll find condos and townhomes, as well as a number of apartment complexes to rent from. Buyers will also find classic ranch homes and new construction options.

Notable Spots

Bellevue, along with the rest of Nashville, is growing, which has allowed for many new attractions to pop up. One Bellevue Place is a new, multi-use community center with great restaurants, shops, movie theater, hotel, residential units and more.

Nature is abound in Bellevue! You have not one but two wonderful, large parks to choose from for outdoor activities. Percy Warner Park and Edwin Warner Park are perfect whether you want to go for a strenuous hike, a leisurely stroll or sit and soak up the sunshine. And you can get onto the Natchez Trace Parkway from Bellevue, an over-400 mile scenic road through three states.

There’s plenty of other hotspots and hidden gems in Bellevue. Loveless Cafe is a staple of Nashville with some not-to-be-missed biscuits. Need coffee to start your day? Head to the Well Coffeehouse, where they make a difference with every cup they sell. No need to head to NYC for fan-favorite, The Halal Guys! It’s now here in Nashville. And for something sweet take a trip to Crumb de la Crumb.

You’ll also find fun yearly events in Bellevue, like the Iroquois Steeplechase, an annual tradition dating back to 1941.¬†And you’re not far from local attractions in Sylvan Park and Belle Meade.


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